/services/{id}/{mode}            [ DELETE ]


Deletes an existing version of a given service.

URL Parameters

Name Optional Valid values
id No Identifier of an existing services (e.g. my_service)
mode No development/production
version No versionNostring: service version. To upload a service to the standard production version please use the version string: "default" as shown bellow. Version must be up to 64 characters long, start with a letter and contain only the following characters: A=Za-z0-9._-

Request Examples

delete the user's development version from the sandbox
curl -k -u admin:admin -X DELETE https://OPERETOHOST/services/install_tomcat/development

delete production version 1.0

curl -k -u admin:admin -X DELETE https://OPERETOHOST/services/install_tomcat/production/1.0



Response Example     

    "status": "success"