In this short tutorial you will learn:
  1. How to install/run opereto agent on a given host
  2. How to import a pre-defined service and run it on that agent host 
This tutorial assumes that you already have an Opereto server/cluster installed and accessible

Step 1: login to the server via https://OPERETO_CLUSTER_URL/ui

Step 2: download & run the Opereto agent on your host

  1. Make sure you have a running JAVA on your host
  2. Download and install the agent on your host

Step 3: go to the Environments screen and verify that the agent is connected

If the agent is not connected (offline):

  • Check the connectivity from the agent to the Opereto cluster via https
  • If connection is fine, check the agent log on the host running the agent in .opereto directory inside the home directory of the user initiated the agent (e.g. ~/.opereto/logs/) for errors
  • For more information about agent troubleshooting, please look at the agent troubleshooting section.   

Step 4: Install the Opereto core service package

Step 5: run a simple shell command on you agent host

You will see now the Opereto core services added to the services tree. Click on the service "shell command", then on the "Play" button. Insert a command to run, select your agent and click on "Run Process".

You will see now a new process entry in the processes grid and in the Process Details windows you will find all the process info, I/O and log:


You've just had your first experience with Opereto. In the following articles you will learn how simple it is to create your own automation services or wrap your existing automation tools as services.