OperetoBox is delivered as a virtual appliance and based on ubuntu operating system . All required libraries and configuration are already fixed and the user only needs to start the virtual machine and get working. However, some operations are still requiring the administrator to log into the server host via ssh. Opereto built-in operating system user/password is opereto/Oper123

Following are few important opereto related commands:

 Command Description 
sudo service opereto {start|stop|restart|status}
Start, stop or get the status of opereto service.
tail -f /var/log/opereto/server.log
View local opereto server log
python ~/opereto_upgrade.py
Upgrade the server to the latest version. The upgrade process will stop the service, remove old installation, download and setup a new installation package and start the service. You should update the system only when the system is idle. Otherwise, some running flows subprocesses may fail. Nevertheless, the upgrade process does not harm the system even if executed while Opereto cluster is under load.